Many of you filled out the  questionnaire when you registered for the reunion.  And now that we can post your answers, we hope that many more of you will go back to the Registration tab and tell us your thoughts by answering the questions.

See what classmates answered to their reunion questionnaires.

You'll need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.



We asked the alumni who attended the Saturday night dinner their thoughts about future reunions. Thanks to Mike Abbott for conducting the questionnaire and compiling results.

A total of 41 completed surveys were returned.  Not everyone answered every question.  In some cases, a classmate checked more than one box such as Fall and Summer for “time of year.”  Each box checked was counted as a vote.  A few classmates suggested a formal reunion every 5 years with an informal gathering (such as a cruise) every other year.  A number of those who checked the block for only planning a reunion in Dayton also voted for doing a cruise. 

An overwhelming number of classmates, 29, indicated they would be willing to help plan a future reunion. 

A.  Regarding the frequency for holding future class reunions, please select below:

         4       Every 10 years
10     Every other year

          25     Every 5 years
*Check your personal preference:

                     -  Informal gatherings every other year
                     -  As often as possible
                     -  Sooner the better; we’re getting older

 B.     Regarding the time of year for holding future class reunions:

         32     Fall
none   Winter
           6    Spring
5    Summer

           4      No preference

C.     Regarding potential focal activities for future class reunions:

       19     Whatever activity, it should only be planned to take place in Dayton.

       15     Another cruise would be great and if so, to where?  
       Anywhere (3 responses)
       Someplace warm
       Great Lakes
       7-to-10 days long

         5       Let’s go somewhere and do something exciting such as

          8       Some entertainment ( ex: Branson, MO or The Rock ‘n Roll Museum in Cleveland)

                          Rock ‘n Roll Museum (2 responses)

           4       Go to sporting event (football or baseball game, NASCAR, etc.)

            Your ideas and/or interests

                          A destination resort
I like anything
Music, music, music
No sporting events

D.     Additional reunion comments/recommendations:

                  The older we get, the bigger the nametags will need to be.          

Are you willing to serve on a committee to plan a future reunion?  You need not live in the Dayton area to do so.  
29  YES      
6   NO        
3   Maybe