A lot has happened in the last 50 years and our lives change constantly. One thing we hope hasn't changed is our fond memories of the community we shared at FHS. A lot of personal information has been lost and we have been working hard to get back in touch with many classmates who are now missing.  If you have ANY information about the following folks, please forward it to the reunion planning committee via paulrweaver@yahoo.com or Paul Weaver at 1724 S. Main St., Dayton, OH 45409 or (937)223-7008 or (937)223-8088.

This information last updated 20 July 2018

Wendell Eugene Akers
Aleaxander Taylor Anderson
William Baker
Allen Barlow
Susan Jane Bickel Hamby
Robert D. Boos
John (Buck) Winfield Bohrmann III
Lois Ruth Bowman
Gordon Robert Brant
James Bunker
Barbara E. Cook
Marilyn E. Daneman Nolan
Linda Anne Donroe
James Robert Dorff
Linda D. Duncan
Linda J. Edwards
Samilia Jean Eggers Kasslan
Julie C. Evans
William R. Fleming
Patricia Elaine Francis
Mary Jane Frank
Barbara Jean Frank Olson
Linda Louise Frankart Coffee
Linda L. Fultz
Beverly Ann Gaines Sparks
Edward L. Goodrich
John R. Gray
Susan Gray Luck
Dwight L. Gross
Kathryn Ann Hess
Jane Ann Jenkins
Douglas Carl Johnson
Gaylynn Ann Johnson
Jerry Lynn Johnson
Bonnie Jane Jones
Joan Waneta Kauffman McFarland
Russell Edwin Kemp, Jr.
Ann Lee King
Marcus Lawson
William M. Lemp
Edgar Livingston
Nancy Elaine Long
Cynthia Carol Love
James Robert McCowan
Harold McGrath
Shirley Elizabeth Nelson
Leila Nisam
Nancy Maureen O'Connell
Paul Padgett
Sherry Elaine Pheterson Belcher
Eugene Allen Phillips
Carolyn Powers
John William Redman
Lois Arlene Reed Cobb
Jerry Reedy
Margaret Ann Regis
Michael L. Rice
Bradus Gerald Robbins, Jr.
Faye Louise Rosell
Nicholas Andrew Rounds
David Lloyd Rutherford
John Donald Schlosser
Clinton Robert Shawen, Jr.
Pamela Kay Schearer Coyle
Marvin Charles Shelby
Charles Michael Shepard
John H. Snyder
Janet Louise Sollenberger Pheiffer
Don Souder
William Carl Smith
Gail E. Stitzel
Connie Such
Stephen Walter Surface
Leonard Max Teich
Sandra Sue Trinkler Padgett
Robert Eugene Thomas
Richard Edward Walters
William Frank Webber
Eugene Gary Welch
Richard Weprin
Edward Thomas Westwood
William Henry Wetzel, Jr.
Judith Ann Whalen
Gordon M. White
John Edward White
Donna Lee Williams Reynolds
Bonita Louis Wolfe
Harold Stanley Wright
Marjorie Wright Miles